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We are ISO 9001:2001 certified company engaged in the manufacturing of high quality surgical suctions. These are used in various medical centers across the world.

Eurovac Suction Unit
Anand Medicaids Private Limited

Anand's Real Portable Unit with Shock Resistant ABS Case.
Compact, Lightweight, Powerful and Non-Corrosive.

Housing: Engineering plastic moulded, shock-resistant ABS with 2 size hooks to hold tube.
Capacity: -575 mm Hg ± 10 at 25 ltrs / min.
Pump type: Oil-free diaphragm pump
Jar: Wide mouthed autoclavable 2 ltr. collection jar (Polycarbonate), safety jar with
mechanical / electronic overflow motor shut-off system with reusable / autoclavable bacterial filter.
Tubing: 8 mm ID X 2 mtr. (Silicon)
Vacuum Gauge: 6.25 cms (2.5 inch). 0-760 mm Hg calibration.
Power: 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 125 watts. (110 V on request)
Dimension & Weight: 23 x 42 x 36 cms. 7.5 kg.
Necessary tools for maintenance / replacement and spares provided.

Eurolite Suction Unit
Anand Medicaids Private Limited

Oil Free Piston Suction Unit

Housing:Engineering moulded ABS plastic cabinet with built-in handle and jar hangers
Capacity:0-575 mm Hg ±10 regulable at 14 ltrs / min.
Pump type:Oil-free Piston Pump
Jar:One 1 ltr collection jar (Polycarbonate) with mechanical / electronic overflow motor
shut-off system with autoclavable bacterial filter.
Tubing:8 mm ID X 2 mtr. (PVC / Silicon)
Vacuum Gauge:Bourden type 5 cms. 0-760 mm Hg calibration.
Power:220 V, 50 / 60 Hz, Single phase. (110 V on request)
Dimension & Weight:33 x 14 x 29 cms. 4.5 Kg
Ideal for homecare, clinics, labour rooms and minor OTs

P-9 Suction Unit
Anand Medicaids Private Limited

Anand's Non-Tiring Manual-Powered Suction Unit.

Housing: Engineering plastic moulded parts - non corrosive, easy to dismantle, clean,
disinfect and reassemble.
Capacity:Outright vacuum - 600 mm Hg ±10 with average per stroke volume of 200 ml.
Pump type:Efficient piston pump for creating vacuum instantly.
Jar:Autoclavable 1 X 1 ltr. jar (Polycarbonate)
Tubing:8 mm ID X 2 mtr. (Silicon)
Vacuum Gauge:Bourden type, 5 cms 0 - 760 mm Hg
Dimension & Weight:32 x 17 x 30 cms. 2.5 kg.
Portable pedal unit with top view manometer visible to the operator.
Bacterial filter (0.3 micron with single use / autoclavable housing) between jar and pump.

Ease of operation - one person can operate unaided. Also useful for field hospitals,
midwives, medical centres, mines, aircraft, trains, mountaineers, on-foot
paramedics etc
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